My name is ZliDe.

I'm an illustrator from Germany, specializing in digital art. My favorite subjects are fantasy and character art, often inspired by video games and TV shows.

If you have any questions, suggestions, criticisms, or just want to chat, feel free to send me an email!


Grayscale Sample


  • Starting at


  • Great for: Strong contrasts/small budgets
  • Single colored accents possible
  • Brushy look and simplified details
Standard Sample


  • Starting at


  • Great for: general use
  • Fully Colored & rough shaded
  • Brushy look and simplified details
High Detail Sample

High Detail

  • Starting at


  • Great for: prints or wallpapers
  • Fully Colored & clean shaded
  • Soft/clean look and attention to detail

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Name Project Size Estimated Wait

Please note that these numbers are estimates and only meant as a guideline.



High Detail
Chest-Up 30€ 50€ 70€
Half-Body 50€ 70€ 140€
Full-Body 70€ 100€ 200€
Scene 100€+ 150€+ 250€+
Additional Characters +80% +80% +100%
Weekend Express +100% More information in the FAQ N/A
Background/Other Starting at +10€, varies based on workload. More information in the FAQ

I do mostly fantasy and character artwork and these are the basic options you can choose from. For more examples of what is possible, refer to the Artworks linked above or uploaded on my various social media. Keep in mind that all these numbers are guidelines and may vary based upon complexity and other variables. These prices only apply for personal, non-commercial commissions. For commercial use or if you can't find what you had in mind, just mail me at zlide.de@gmail.com and we'll work out individual pricing.

Get in touch

Get in touch!

1. Contact me via mail & straight up tell me the scope of commission you had in mind (check pricing above for options) and whether you have a deadline for it - no need to get into details regarding the picture yet unless you want to test the waters on the price-range or on what is possible.


2. I will send you a quick questionnaire including some basic information regarding your desired commission, which you will fill in and send back to me. If you are on the waitlist, this is where the waiting starts.


3. I will send you several sketches based on your provided information. You pick your favorite sketch or provide me with information on what to adjust until we agree on a final sketch to proceed.


4. Final pricing is based on what we agreed upon up to this point. I will send you a Paypal Invoice (paid in EUR) and start working, once I received payment.

Working time

5. While complexity affects the estimated work time, expect a minimum of 2 weeks per character. You'll receive regular updates and are encouraged to speak up, should something not develop to your liking.

The final product

6. You get the finished Artwork in sizes of your chosing, usually up to 7k. I also include a version with my website logo, as can be seen in the artworks section. You may use it for social media, but are not required to.
I hope you are happy wih the finished product and enjoyed working on it together!

If what we sort out differs from what this page says, our written agreement applies.

I personally don't insist on any formalities during the mail exchange, so don't worry about how to address anything an just freely speak your mind.

Find the answers for the most frequently asked questions below

What's the difference between Standard & High Detail?

The main difference between the two is the level of detail in the final image. While an HD image will have all details fully preserved, the standard version can be rougher around the edges. Complicated details may be simplified or improvised in areas that are not in the center of attention and may remain less clean, while more prominent features get extra attention.

What's a scene?

A scene, compared to the other options, is less focused on showcasing a character and more focused on the action of whats happening, or the surroundings and scenery. You can ask yourself: Is my character interacting with his surroundings? Is whats happening around my character equally as important as the character? Is the pose I have in mind very complicated or action based? If yes, those are good indicators. Still unsure? Just mail me a description of what you had in mind and I will help you.

Background price?

All images include a very basic background, which is usually non concrete, blurry or generally just nothing too specific. You can pick the general mood or direction (for example: Mystical, Warm, Sunny, Forest-y), but if you want something specific or want the background to include details, extra fees may apply. Just ask, and we'll work it out!

What's "Other"?

As with the background, all the prices on this page are simplified and boiled down to certain basic options. Since I can't take everything into account, this is the part where all the extra requests come into account. Usually these are things like pets, summons, complicated machinery like golems or whatever comes to mind.

Weekend Express?

Skip the queue and get your commission done during the next available weekend!
There is no guarantee that this option is available, so make sure to check when getting in touch.
Scenes as well as the High Detail Tier are NOT available due to their time consuming nature.
Maximum of 2 characters based on complexity.
No revisions and a maximum of one WIP update.

I still have questions

No problem! Even if you are not interested or unsure about a commission, feel free to just mail me if something is unclear.

1. Commission Process:
  • Please refer to the section above (The commission process) for a detailed explanation of the commission process.
  • In summary, the process involves contacting me with your request, receiving a quote, approving the initial sketch, and then receiving the final artwork upon completion.
2. Revisions and Approval:
  • Collaborative Approach: During the commission process, I will send regular progress updates to ensure your satisfaction. You are encouraged to provide feedback early on if any aspect of the artwork deviates from your vision. During this collaborative phase, reasonable revisions are free of charge.
  • Additional Revisions: Should you request significant revisions outside of the initial feedback stage, additional fees may apply based on the complexity of the changes.
3. Copyright and Usage:
  • Copyright:
    • I retain all rights to the commissioned artwork.
  • Client Rights and Limitations:
    • You are granted non-exclusive personal use of the commissioned artwork. This includes the right to print the artwork for personal use and to claim rights to the characters depicted, but not the artwork itself.
    • You may use the artwork for the purpose of promoting yourself, provided you give proper credit to the artist (e.g., by including my name and website link).
  • Restrictions:
    • Commercial use of the artwork requires a separate agreement and additional fees. This includes using the artwork for merchandise, marketing materials, or any other commercial purposes.
    • The commissioned artwork, or parts of it, may not be used to create Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), or as part of a dataset for training image generators or other artificial intelligence applications.
4. Refunds and Cancellation:
  • Partial Refunds: Due to the nature of the commission payment process, full refunds are generally not possible. However, partial refunds may be considered, depending on the stage of the commission at the time of cancellation.
  • Withdrawals: You can withdraw your position from the waitlist at any time before we proceed with your commission. No fees or penalties apply in this case.
5. Additional Information:
  • I reserve the right to decline commissions that I deem inappropriate or outside of my skillset.
  • I may use the commissioned artwork for promotional purposes, such as on my portfolio or social media.
  • These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time.

By inquiring about a commission, you confirm that you have read and agree to these Terms of Service.